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Shonnah Hughes

Founder & ED

Shonnah Hughes is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach needed to sustain and grow Teen Tech Titans worldwide.

Shonnah co-founded a successful nonprofit to help underrepresented adults break into technology. She resigned from the board of that nonprofit in 2019 to focus on her life long passion to introduce youth to the multifaceted technology ecosystem.

Shonnah founded Teen Tech Titans in 2019. In her role, she partnered with her co-founders to fund, scale and grow Teen Tech Titans in Minnesota and beyond.

Shonnah Hughes has spent more than a decade administering the platform and other tools to create technical solutions for streamlining and optimizing processes to eliminate manual dependencies. Additionally, Shonnah has incorporated her training expertise in conjunction with her process improvement methodologies to effectively and efficiently train customers, end-users and stakeholders.
Shonnah pioneers solutions that strengthen customer service, and the end user's satisfaction and adoption of software.

Shonnah is a champion for organizations that are committed to innovation, change, and providing solutions. Her SFDC career has spanned many industries including Finance, Medical, Real Estate and Non-Profit. Shonnah is able to humanize highly technical information without losing her technical aptitude.

Shonnah created the Women In Tech Diversity Chapter to address the unique challenges and stigmas faced by minority women. This group provides support, encouragement, mentoring and opportunities to collaborate and network. Salesforce's “1:1:1 model” inspired Shonnah to give back to her local and extended community.

Her leadership with Teen Tech Titans, PepUp Tech, WiT Diversity & other community organizations has led to multiple awards & recognitions. Including the Equality Trailblazer award and a golden hoodie.

Shonnah Hughes had the distinct honor of signing the White House’s Pledge to America’s workforce along with Marc Benioff. The Pledge to America’s Workers—committing to expand programs that educate, train, and reskill American workers from high-school age to near-retirement.

On the rare occasion that she is not thinking about new solutions or volunteering, Shonnah appreciates the time she spends with her family and friends enjoying life's simple pleasures: football, basketball, movie watching, hosting game nights and collecting passport stamps with her children.

Allie Lawler


Allie Lawler is responsible for technology, administration, and social for Teen Tech Titans. She joined the T3 team in 2019 to partner with Founder Shonnah and Co-Founder Stoyan to help create space and foster passion in youth for careers in technology and business.

Allie has worked in the high tech industry for five years, and is currently a Salesforce Consultant helping groups learn how scalable technology can help drive business forward. She is passionate about training and teaching end users, and finding new ways to engage others with tech. With over two decades of customer service work, Allie’s skilled with ensuring a customer-centric experience every time.

Allie is an avid volunteer, working with an international disaster relief organization to help rebuild homes after hurricanes, stepping in to help local high school athletic teams with operations and game days.

Stoyan Francis


Stoyan Francis has been a diversity and inclusion advocate for over a decade. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Women and Gender Studies and a Master’s Degree in Social Justice.

Equity, inclusiveness, and diversity are concepts that she has continuously dedicated her life to. Stoyan’s work has granted her access to navigate various spaces, national conferences and universities to speak on how differences can be used as a source of celebration and not a tool for segregation. Some of her speaking engagements have included The National LGBT Taskforce Creating Change conference, UC Berkeley’s Empowering Womxn Conference, The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and UC-Riverside’s Blaqout conference. She has gained a rich history of educational outreach with various cultural nonprofits; LGBT Detroit, Wayne County SAFE and Sasha Center. Within her experience of educational outreach, she has trained and empowered undergraduate students from top universities in Michigan & California with best diversity & inclusion practices for social change. She balances out her history with 4 years of working in Silicon Valley and developing/ driving corporate initiatives and strategies for diversity.

Stoyan is incredibly passionate about engagement, equity, and inclusion, because of the ability to reach individuals at their respective level. With co-founding Teen Tech Titans, she is furthering her commitment to diversity awareness and cultural education. For her, Teen Tech Titans will have the ability to create an environment where change is inspired, growth is recognized and progression is possible for underrepresented youth with tech aspirations. With her other two co-founders, Teen Tech Titans will have the great ability to create safe spaces, organize youth and provide motivational leadership to others who are passionate about diversity.

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